Monday, February 5, 2007

Molly Ivins, 1944-2007

Molly Ivins died today. It is hard to imagine a better human being. Passion, intelligence, sass, kindness, compassion, wit, talent--she was a walking gift. The world was such a better place with her around. It was a blessing to be her friend and colleague. I am immensely sad she is gone--and don't have much more to say about her passing now. A cliche--words don't do her justice--comes to mind. You can read about her death in The Texas Observer, a paper she once edited. As the obituary notes, tax-deductible contributions in her honor may be made to The Texas Observer, 307 West Seventh Street, Austin, TX 78701 or the American Civil Liberties Union, 127 Broad Street, 18th floor, New York, NY 10004,

Molly was full of piss, vinegar and joy. She always smiled when she brawled. She turned anger and outrage into dissent and power--and made you laugh along the way. She'd be the first to say, Don't get all mopey about me dying, raise hell instead--and don't forget to have a damn lot of fun while doing so.

I'm going to try hard to keep that in mind.

Posted by David Corn at January 31, 2007 10:23 PM

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