Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Bloomberg Goes Indy...And Forgets His Pal?

From Wednesday's New York Times:

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg announced Tuesday that he was dropping his Republican affiliation, a step that could clear the way for him to make an independent bid for the presidency.

The announcement was released during a campaign-style swing through California, during which Mr. Bloomberg, 65, a billionaire businessman, used increasingly sharp language to criticize both parties in Washington as too timid to take on big problems and too locked into petty squabbling to work together.

"I believe this brings my affiliation into alignment with how I have led and will continue to lead my city," Mr. Bloomberg's statement read. "Any successful elected executive knows that real results are more important than partisan battles, and that good ideas should take precedence over rigid adherence to any particular political ideology."

From Bloomberg's speech to the 2004 Republican convention:

I want to thank President Bush for supporting New York City and changing the homeland security funding formula and for leading the global war on terrorism. The president deserves our support. We are here to support him. And I am here to support him.

So what has Bloomberg learned about Bush and the GOP in the past three years that he didn't know before? And another thing: Bloomberg's aides tell the Times his key issues--which he might highlight during a presidential bid--are global warming, immigration, and a crackdown on illegal guns. They did not include Iraq.

Posted by David Corn at June 19, 2007 11:23 PM


capt said...

Why I Hate Bloomberg

Adam Howard: All Mike Bloomberg cares about is winning, even if it means selling out his political soul.

I'm a New Yorker, no, not a born and raised New Yorker, but I've lived near here and in here long enough to feel pretty passionate about my city and its politics and I am really pissed that Mike Bloomberg is probably going to run for president.

I get furious every time one of my liberal friends applauds Bloomberg or ends up voting for him because I feel like they'll all suffering from what I consider a post-really sucky mayor syndrome. Bloomberg seems like a great guy compared to Giuliani, in the same way that whoever replaces Bush in the White House will inevitably be treated as the nation's savior.

Obviously, Bloomberg has done some good, the city is safer than it's probably ever been and unlike his predecessor Bloomberg seems to generally care about the city's schools. But there are things about this man that have never sat well with me.

First of all, he was a Democrat before 2001. He clearly realized that he couldn't win the Democratic nomination that year without getting involved in an expensive slugfest with Freddy Ferrer and Mark Green so he just *poof* becomes a Republican. There is no amount of money you could pay me to ever become a Republican, I just hold certain principles that I can't just ignore to sign on with those clowns, but Bloomberg never had that problem. And now in 2008, Bloomberg sees that being a Republican is totally not cool and plus he'd have no chance in a GOP primary, so now *poof* I'm an independent.

Does anyone else notice a pattern here? Bloomberg only cares about winning and he doesn't care about who he's affiliated with or the cost. Speaking of cost, this man has billions at his disposal and although that doesn't necessarily mean he's a horrible person, it is a fact that he has used that money to essentially buy two mayoral elections and squash all opposition to himself. Aww man and when he brought the GOP convention to town that blew...

It's true the Democrats in New York seem to be good at only two things right now: corruption and infighting. But this is a liberal town and I hate seeing some faux-bi partisan Republican running the show.

As far as his White House prospects go, I'm scared. New York City is great at making myths. People who have never stepped foot in this city have really strong ideas about what it's like and how it functions. Hence the fact that people from outside the city often are afraid to visit me in Brooklyn because they assume every corner is crime infested. Look at Giuliani, New Yorkers know better, but a lot of Americans don't. And right now Bush has lowered the bar so low that Bloomberg's four-star "competency" suddenly makes him seem like a reasonable option.

Ultimately though, I'm more afraid of Bloomberg acting as a spoiler for the Democrats, so we end up with a President Mitt Romney or whomever. Thankfully, Jonathan Singer has compiled a chart which theorizes what a Bloomberg independent candidacy could do, and the results are actually somewhat heartening.

The thing is though, that by February of next year, barring some real close results or a huge upset, we will know both party's nominees, and if recent history has proven anything there will be a brief honeymoon and then an almost immediate round of serious buyer's remorse. Bloomberg with all his billions, can waltz in whenever he pleases and can snatch victory away from the two broken down nominees. God, I hate that guy...


*****end of clip*****

I would sooner vote for Bush than ever vote for Bloomberg. He is a slimeball.


capt said...

Lieberman supports Bloomberg's switch to an independent

Schwarzenegger predicts Bloomberg would be 'excellent' candidate

Jeeze, all Mike needs is an endorsement from Bush and Cheney and he is there.


capt said...

Addressing Climate Crisis, Bush Calls For Development Of National Air Conditioner

WASHINGTON, DC—In a nationally televised address reminiscent of President Kennedy's historic 1961 speech pledging to put a man on the moon, President Bush responded to the global warming crisis Monday by calling for the construction of a giant national air conditioner by the year 2015.

Concept art shows how the 800-mile-wide device would function on a "high cool" setting.Picture HERE

"Climate change is real and it demands a real solution," Bush said. "Therefore, I am committed to dedicating all of the technology, all of the brainpower, and all of the resources we need in order to keep America cool and comfortable well into the 21st century."

The National Air Conditioner Initiative is expected to be the largest public works project in the nation's history. Because technology capable of creating an air conditioner that can fulfill the cooling needs of a continental land mass does not presently exist, the president estimated that research and development alone will require at least $100 trillion in both federal and private sector funds.

"The challenge of building an air conditioner for all Americans will be the greatest we have ever faced," Bush said. "But we must face it. We must act now to ensure that our children and our children's children can live in a world where they don't get sweaty and have to change their shirts all the time."

While Bush's speech left many questions unanswered, such as whether the one-touch cooling settings would be under federal or state jurisdiction, reaction from congressional Democrats and Republicans has been largely favorable.

"I applaud the administration for finally taking this issue seriously," House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said. "Such a giant apparatus means that Americans from all walks of life, not just the wealthy and privileged, will be able to get relief from the rise in the Earth's surface temperature. And it will create a great many jobs. Just removing and rinsing out the huge filter will require tens of thousands of seasonal laborers."

Petrochemical industry leaders voiced early support of the plan, which would stimulate additional exploration and production of oil and gas to satisfy the machine's staggering energy needs.

Some fiscal conservatives, however, decry the cost of the project and the gargantuan electric bills that would result, saying that a series of mile-high oscillating fans stationed in the Pacific Northwest and blowing in the direction of the jet stream would accomplish essentially the same thing and save billions. Conservative commentator Pat Buchanan expressed his concern that illegal aliens would benefit unfairly from the air conditioner, since many of them work outside, and questioned President Bush's ability to "seal the nation's borders in order to keep the cool air in."

Environmental groups like the Sierra Club have taken a tough stance on the president's plan, demanding it contain legally binding language that ensures the air conditioner will be switched to a special energy-conserving "sleep" setting when the country cools off at night. The White House has shown interest in an "economy mode" option that could be used in the event of a budgetary crisis, but it is still unknown whether such a massive unit would qualify for an Energy Star certification, let alone accommodate built-in money-saving features.

The strongest opposition to the plan has come from Canada. Because the proposed National Air Conditioner would cover 90 percent of the state of North Dakota and face south, the U.S.'s northern neighbor would be directly in the path of superheated air expelled from the machine's back vents. Though Prime Minister Stephen Harper said this would create drought conditions and devastate their farmlands, most believe Canada lacks the clout to halt Bush's air-conditioning agenda.

American air conditioner manufacturers, with whom President Bush reportedly consulted extensively prior to announcing the initiative, will soon be awarded tens of trillions of dollars to design and build the components necessary for the giant unit. Industry leader Lennox is expected to receive at least $30 trillion, including a massive installation fee, while the Carrier Corporation, Trane, and Amana are all jockeying for the next largest contracts.

"Global warming threatens us all, whether we're mowing our lawns, rafting down a river in a national park, or driving to the end of the driveway to get our mail," Bush said. "The task that lies ahead is undeniably hard. But if we do not succeed, we will be profoundly inconvenienced. And I promise you: America will not let that happen."

Speaking at a Democratic National Committee fundraiser Monday night, Al Gore said that now that Bush has taken up the cause of global warming, the former vice president and environmental activist will redirect his energies toward developing a personal spacecraft capable of transporting a family of four to a distant planet.


Gerald said...

That there are men in all countries who get their living by war, and by keeping up the quarrels of Nations is as shocking as it is true...
– Thomas Paine

Well, I guess there are great men like Bloomberg and me. You ask what makes us great? Let me tell you!

First, we changed parties. I left the Nazi Party in 1984. Bloomberg left the Nazi Party in 2007. Bloomberg left the Dems before he joined the Nazi Party. I left the Nazi Party before I joined the Dems.

Second, we are now Independent. He is a great feeling because both the Nazis and the Dems may be different wings but they are attached to the same bird - corrupt corporate America.

Bloomberg is like any other politician and that their main goal is to win elections.

The major difference between Bloomberg and me is that he is a billionaire and I am one social security check away from becoming a street person.

Gerald said...

Hitler Bush is an idiot. His interest regarding global warming is to improve the air conditioners. Global warming is beyond just air conditioners and it is something more serious.

"Climate change is real and it demands a real solution," Bush said. "Therefore, I am committed to dedicating all of the technology, all of the brainpower, and all of the resources we need in order to keep America cool and comfortable well into the 21st century."

How can Americans be comfortable well into the 21st century when we will be involved in thermonuclear wars well into the 21st century while Hitler Bush remains in the WH well into the 21st century?

capt said...

"First, we changed parties. I left the Nazi Party in 1984."

I too left the GOP about that time. That does not greatness create. Not even a major move. Both I and my better hald left the GOP when the Falwell and Reed and the rest hijacked the party. In other words I really never left the GOP - the GOP left me. How can that fact make anybody (especially a politician) great or even good?

Bloomberg will not be president. He is a Jew and the Krazy Kkkristian Kabal will not allow anybody to ascend the throne that does not worship at the feet of Christ or Mother Mary.

We will have had more than one woman and likely more than one person of color before our Kkkristian nation has a non-christian president.

I'd put money on it. I doubt Mit could get the top slot - We might have a LDS president someday but again not in 2008.


capt said...

Lieberman, Schwarzenegger and Giuliani all endorse Bloomberg.

That really says it all.

A man of great wealth - yes. A great man? Not by a long shot.


Gerald said...

Who will pick up the $100 trillion dollar tab for this giant air conditioner???

Personally, Hitler Bush could better spend this money by improving our independence toward our energy consumption. Research in bottling farts would cost far less and be more productive. Bottled farts is one aspect in making us energy independent. A second aspect is the collection of animal and human dong that will be caked and distributed to keep us warm in the winter.

The Nazis really love to spend someone else's money. They love to piss away money.

Gerald said...

capt, I do not really know if Bloomberg is great but he has created a fortune for himself. I believe that a Jew can someday be president but with Hitler Lieberman as an example of Judaism the obstacle that a Jew must overcome will be difficult. I voted for Gore with Holy Joe on the ticket and I was dissappointed that Gore was screwed out of the presidency. Looking back if Hitler Lieberman was VP, he would be a heartbeat away from being president. The thought of Hitler Lieberman as president scares me shitless.

I do not know if a LDS will be president but I worked with Mormon women and the perfect woman is someone who is raised Mormon and she converts to Catholicism. The upside is that she does not have so many agendas to carry out.

Avoid marrying a Mormon woman raised in Salt Lake City! I drove through Salt Lake City where there are about 80% Mormons. I stayed driving in the right lane, enjoying the sights of the city, and driving at the minimal speed desired for the right lane. Almost every woman who passed me by gave me the birdie because my speed was too slow for their liking. I would have to believe that most of these women were Mormon and probably raging inside with a litany of agendas that needed to be completed.

Gerald said...

With Giuliani endorsing Bloomberg that tells me Giuliani does not expect the Nazi Party's nomination to run for president.

Gerald said...

Are politicians avoiding the Iraq issue because Iran will be targeted for annihilation by these very same politicians?

Gerald said...

First of all, he was a Democrat before 2001. He clearly realized that he couldn't win the Democratic nomination that year without getting involved in an expensive slugfest with Freddy Ferrer and Mark Green so he just *poof* becomes a Republican. There is no amount of money you could pay me to ever become a Republican, I just hold certain principles that I can't just ignore to sign on with those clowns, but Bloomberg never had that problem. And now in 2008, Bloomberg sees that being a Republican is totally not cool and plus he'd have no chance in a GOP primary, so now *poof* I'm an independent.

There is no doubt that Bloomberg is an opportunist.

I will be honest with you. If I was a billionaire, I would not run for the presidency or any other political position. I would used my money for the common good.

A person must be suspicious of someone who is willing to spend $500 million of his or her money to be elected to a political position. I would have to believe that several billion dollars would be returned under the table. Who in their right mind would spend $500 million dollars to be president for an office that pays $400,000 a year? There must be a whole lot of graft going on. Slick Dick Cheney is a case in point. He must have been sent several billion dollars from his corporate bed partners to his offshore account that pays no taxes.

I would use $500 million for a greater good. People who run for a political position are egomaniacs.

Most politicians are beholden to someone and they are not free to bring about change that will help the majority of people in the country.

Someone said to me years ago that he would not run for political office because his soul sought salvation. Most politicians' souls are damned for eternity. There really is some truth to those words.

carey said...

On another subject:

Dear Mr. Corn,

Excellent Capital Games column from yesterday. Absolutely--those two are going places. As you say, do not count them out. Clinton may be ahead now, it may look so easy for her, but tough times are ahead. Very, very tough.

Where does Clinton get off avoiding answers to questions so coyly? It's as if she and her campaign insist, as their due, the right to choose and word the questions. Why is Chris Matthews so uncharacteristically unpushy with her?

Questions are not going away. Does no one in the campaign remember Whitewater or Monica?

As you probably know by now, Israel hit the Gaza Strip with planes and tanks. Debka, as posted by Den, has reported that Hamas got away with prime Israeli intelligence in the previous melee and takeover. Israel responded with immediate retribution.

Carter spoke out criticizing U.S. policy on Palestinians as "criminal" and responsible for the current unrest. The moment his speech hit the wires people fell over each other shrieking foul. "He has no right to speak, he's not helping, he doesn't know what he's talking about."

And, of course, the fete accompli: He's anti-semitic.

As Kathleen wrote, there is an AIPAC-like machine designed specifically to respond to Carter. They're on 24/7.

David B. Benson said...

Phooey --- I deleted the Blogger (blogspot) cookies and I'm still having problems.

David B. Benson said...

Oh, I just was not patient enough. Cookie deletion seems to have cleared the difficulty...

capt said...

New Thread

capt said...

Call for Scotland to try Blair as 'war criminal'

SCOTLAND'S Lord Advocate was today urged to prosecute Tony Blair as a war criminal for the invasion of Iraq.

Former MP Jim Sillars said he had written to Elish Angiolini with a 10,000-word document setting out a formal complaint against the Prime Minister.

And he said Scots law allowed Mr Blair to be put on trial despite such a move being ruled out south of the Border.

The move came as Westminster Tories called for an immediate inquiry into the war in Iraq in a move expected to cause a Labour backbench rebellion. Shadow foreign secretary William Hague was using a Commons debate to call for a hearing by senior politicians with powers to summon officials and military commanders.

Mr Sillars, who is married to independent Lothians MSP Margo MacDonald, claimed Mr Blair was guilty of conspiracy with others to wage aggressive war, and waging aggressive war against the state of Iraq in March 2003, contrary to international law and the law of Scotland.

In his letter to the Lord Advocate, he said: "I am requesting you to investigate this complaint and prosecute in a Scottish court."

Mr Sillars emphasised that despite his political past - first as a Labour MP and then as SNP MP and deputy leader - the complaint against Mr Blair was based on legal principles and case law and was not a political initiative.


*****end of clip*****

The prosecution would be based on international law and would include Bush and Cheney.

If America is so befuddled with our internal politics and confused about what is right and wrong maybe the international criminal court or any other court in any other country can address the issue for us.