Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Another Senate Phone Number for the DC Madam

Scores of readers have written to me with ideas on how to find out who was at the other end of the phone call between the DC Madam and a number in the U.S. Senate (see item below). Several have scoured old congressional directories--so far with no luck. But now we have a second chance. Another Senate number has been dug out of the phone records of Deborah Jeane Palfrey. Here it is:


For those looking for a pattern, the first number after the 224 prefix is a 9--just like the first Senate number. This call was made on October 1, 1999 at 4:12 pm. It lasted for a minute and a half. The number is now disconnected. I encourage those who have searched congressional directories for the first number to add this number to their list--and look again. Send me your results at

Posted by David Corn at July 11, 2007 04:56 PM


Gerald said...

Men are weak in certain matters. I have not cheated on my wife but I will not judge another person who has cheated.

My concern has to do with hypocrisy. I have difficulty forgiving hypocrisy. Vitter's is a hypocrite!!!!! Mr. Family Values makes me puke!!!!! Mr. Family Values should have kept his mouth shut regarding Clinton's infidelity.

capt said...

"When I tell the truth, it is not for the sake of convincing those who do not know it, but for the sake of defending those that do." : William Blake

" ... No "terrorist" gene is known to exist or is likely to be found... Surely the(y), and their supporters were afflicted by something that caused their metamorphosis from normal human beings capable of gentleness and affection into desperate, maddened, fiends with nothing but murder in their hearts and minds. What was that? Simple logic says that we must go to the roots of terror. Only a fool can believe that the services of a suicidal terrorist can be purchased, or that they can be bred at will anywhere: Ouch Borith: Permanent Representative Of The Kingdom Of Cambodia To The UN: 10/03/2001


American preachers have a task more difficult, perhaps, than those faced by us under South Africa's apartheid, or Christians under Communism.

We had obvious evils to engage; you have to unwrap your culture from years of red, white and blue myth. You have to expose, and confront, the great disconnect between the kindness, compassion and caring of most American people, and the ruthless way American power is experienced, directly and indirectly, by the poor of the earth.

You have to help good people see how they have let their institutions do their sinning for them. This is not easy among people who really believe that their country does nothing but good, but it is necessary, not only for their future, but for us all.

--Peter Storey, former president of the Methodist Church of South Africa


Thanks ICH Newsletter!

Gerald said...

The United States of Evil is guilty of hypocrisy

Gerald said...

Make no mistake America is evil

capt said...

Soothing words for panicky markets


The US stock markets close for the day just when what passes as Fox News' daily business program Your World with Neil Cavuto commences. This Tuesday, after the US stock market threw in a sharp, 148-point late-day selloff, Cavuto and the show's producers knew what had to be done: they had to reassure average Americans that their lives and destinies were still secure under the dominion of the nation's corporate elite - the exact same message delivered by all Rupert Murdoch media outlets.

The point that Cavuto and his guests were flogging on Tuesday was that the stock markets were wrong that day - everything is fine for the US economy. As proof, one of the guests added that, in the 1970s, all he got were three television channels.

What a good point. You know, when I invest in a corporate bond or note, and then see half the value of this supposedly safe investment suddenly evaporate, much as what has happened to the bonds represented by the subprime ABX-HE-BBB- index, nothing perks this camper up more than being able to sit in my comfy chair for an evening of Home and Garden TV.

In three articles this year [1] where I go into detail explaining the significance of the ABX indices, I have explored the issue of the challenge being posed to the US economy by what is called subprime lending, the practice of extending mortgage finance to Americans with less than perfect histories of credit usage and payback.

It was this phenomenon, bringing millions of buyers who had previously been denied the funding ability to own houses, into the market that stoked the madly, irrationally bullish US housing markets of 2005-06. As it has been proved that these buyers really couldn't afford either the houses or the mortgages that put them in the houses, the process is going into reverse. Buyers are defaulting, homes are being foreclosed upon, and the excess demand that inexorably pushed prices up is being converted into excess supply that is now just as predictably pushing them down.
But even as the storm clouds darken and deepen, never is heard a discouraging word from the inner party elite at the economy's public/private control nexus.


capt said...

New Thread

Anonymous said...

Deborah Palfrey deserves the Pemberton Award for Good Governance.
Palfrey list is like the black book of 1918.
That trial of the century is deleted from all books.
The list there had 47000 names.
The list here is 46000 phone records.
The listed are not womenizers or machos or ordinary sinners.
They are power brokers, gay lutheran agitators of all wars.
These wretches are only one dirty cover for the real pimps deep underground.
A curse on kingpins, Justice Charles Darling then and judge Adolph Kessler now.

Noel Pemberton-Billing
Trial of the Century 1918

Anonymous said...

..they chose new gods then was war in the gates.. awake awake deborah utter a song.. the Lord gave you dominion over the mighty.. curse you bitterly the inhabitants thereof who came not to the help of justice against the mighty.. they divided the prey, to every man a damsel or two.. let all thine enemies perish o Lord and the land rest forty years..

Deborah Palfrey deserves the Pemberton Award for Clean Governance.
Palfrey list is like the Black Book of 1918.
That trial of the Century is deleted from all books, cursed be reporters.
The list there had 47000 names.
The list here has 46000 phone bills.
The listed are not womenizers, machos or ordinary sinners.
They are power brokers gay lutheran shock and awe agitators of all wars and all panics.
These wretches are one dirty cover to the real pimps deep underground.
A curse on the kingpins, Justice Charles Darling then and Judge Adolph Kessler now.

Noel Pemberton-Billing
Trial of the Century 1918