Friday, November 16, 2007

NM has Divers Licenses for Aliens

RICHARDSON: Well, my answer is yes, and I did it. You know why? Because the Congress, and I notice Barack mentioned the president, but the Congress also failed miserably to pass comprehensive immigration.

RICHARDSON: And we need to have it in this country. I did it four years ago. My legislature sent me a bill. I signed it. My law- enforcement people said it's a matter of public safety.

What we need is public safety, a reduction in traffic fatalities. We wanted more people to be insured. When we started with this program, 33 percent of all New Mexicans were uninsured. Today, it's 11 percent.

BLITZER: All right.

RICHARDSON: Traffic fatalities have gone down. It's a matter of public safety. States have to act when the federal government and the Congress doesn't act. The answer is comprehensive immigration. The answer is...

BLITZER: All right.

RICHARDSON: The answer is -- secure the borders, a stronger relationship with Mexico. Those that knowingly hire illegal workers...

BLITZER: All right.

RICHARDSON: ... should be punished. And a path to legalization. That is the solution.



Anonymous said...

God bless you Gerald, wherever you are.

Bob in North Dakota

Gerald said...

Bob in ND, I still alive but I have cut back on posting. I am tired of gagging on all the shit that is happening in the United States of Evil.

Hitler Bush is a total idiot.

Here is a case in point. Iran's army is labelled a terrorist army. Yet, there is no mention of Nazi America's terrorist armies, such as Blackwater. They have a complete license to murder and never be prosecuted for their crimes.

The hypocrisy in this country will never end.