Saturday, November 3, 2007

Surge and Dollars

The efficacy of the surge is in doubt as Deadly month in Iraq dulls US claims of progress - 887 Iraqis killed in October, up from 840 in September. The real clincher is "As in previous months, the dead were overwhelmingly civilians, with 758 reported killed against 116 policemen and 13 soldiers." and they say Blackwater is effective too. Great body count if the goal is genocide or a little Sunni/Shi’ia ethnic cleansing.
Those numbers seem small compared to the Iraq refugee crisis exploding - 40% of middle class believed to have fled crumbling nation. The number of refugees is staggering. The UN estimates that 2.6 million Iraqis have fled violence in their country since 2003 and at least 40-50,000 more Iraqis are leaving their homes every month. Two million have fled to surrounding countries, while some 1.8 million have vacated their homes for safer areas . . . and Bush is worried about torture?

Foreclosure filings soar in 3rd quarter while Fed pumps 41 billion dollars into markets after the Dow falls 362 on Citigroup, financial weakness. There are some profits (sick profits) bring made just look at MasterCard Rises as Profit Beats Analysts' Estimates and of course there is KBR Inc. - "The former Halliburton Co. subsidiary said its third-quarter profit surged on Iraq-related work" - the pay is too good to stop it.

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