Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The plight of journalists in 98 countries reviewed

00. Annual Report 2008 13.02.2008
The plight of journalists in 98 countries reviewed

2008 Annual Report
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Reporters Without Borders today accused public officials around the world of “impotence, cowardice and duplicity” in defending freedom of expression.

“The spinelessness of some Western countries and major international bodies is harming press freedom,” secretary-general Robert Ménard said in the organisation’s annual press freedom report, out today (13 February) and available at “The lack of determination by democratic countries in defending the values they supposedly stand for is alarming.”

He charged that the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva had caved in to pressure from countries such as Iran and Uzbekistan and expressed concern at the softness of the European Union towards dictators who did not flinch at the threat of European sanctions.

The report’s introduction listed problems expected in the coming year, especially physical attacks on journalists during key elections in Pakistan (18 February), Russia (2 March), Iran (14 March) and Zimbabwe (29 March).

The worldwide press freedom organisation voiced concern about the safety of journalists covering fighting in Sri Lanka, the Palestinian Territories, Somalia, Niger, Chad and especially Iraq, where it said “journalists continue to be buried almost every week.”

It also protested against censorship of new media (mobile phones transmitting photos and film and video-sharing and social networking websites) and highlighted media repression in China in the run-up to the Olympic Games there this summer.

“Nobody apart from the International Olympic Committee seems to believe the government will make a significant human rights concession before the Games start," it said. “Every time a journalist or blogger is released, another goes into prison. (...) China’s dissidents will probably be having a hard time this summer.”

The report includes surveys of press freedom in every region of the world over the past year and chapters on 98 countries, including European Union members and the United States.

A press conference to introduce the report will be held in Washington on 13 February in the presence of journalists from Iraq, China, Eritrea and Pakistan. Another will be held in Berlin with Russian and Zimbabwean journalists.

Reporters Without Borders defends imprisoned journalists and press freedom throughout the world. It has nine national sections (Austria, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland). It has representatives in Bangkok, London, New York, Tokyo and Washington. And it has more than 120 correspondents worldwide.


Gerald said...

I cannot speak for other countries but in Nazi America if there is a problem, it is because the journalists have showed no courage. Unless journalists speak the truth or seek the truth the people will be lied to by despotic managers, supervisors, administrators, and presidents.

Gerald said...

We have had seven years of lies and where are the editorial pages trying to correct these lies to tell us the truth.

Gerald said...

Why was the name, United States, excluded from the list of Reporters Without Borders? Do journalists in Nazi America really care for journalists in other countries?

Gerald said...

How can you make a war on terror if war itself is terrorism?
– Howard Zinn

Gerald said...

Hitler Bush Turns U.S. Soldiers into Murderers

Gerald said...

The Psychology of Killing