Friday, February 22, 2008

Racist Attacks on Obama Growing More Heated

Posted By Mark Potok On February 20, 2008

With the selection of Barack Obama as the first black Democratic nominee for president seeming more possible by the day, racists and white supremacists are posting increasingly ugly and even threatening remarks on the Internet.

[1] “OBAMA WILL DIE, KKK FOREVER,” concludes a [2] Feb. 15 post by “Rodney” to a blog run by a person identified only as Strider333. Above that signoff, Rodney wrote: “The KKK or someone WILL assassinate Obama! If we get a NIGGER President all you NIGGER’s [sic] will think you’ve won and that the WHITE people will have to bow to you[.] FUCK THAT.”

On traditional white supremacist and neo-Nazi sites (for instance, [3] here and [4] here), there are lengthy discussion threads about what would happen if Obama were elected president. Dozens of those posts are derogatory and employ all kinds of racist slurs. Others speculate that such an Obama victory would kick off a race war between whites and blacks. And some even raise the possibility that he could be assassinated. But talk like that is rare and extremely careful — probable evidence that the “white nationalists” who inhabit these sites are deeply concerned that their comments are being monitored by law enforcement for any criminal threat relating to the presidential race. In fact, Obama reportedly received federal Secret Service protection unusually early in the campaign season because of concerns about a racially motivated attack.

The most heated anti-Obama talk appears to be on Internet sites that allow people to post messages anonymously. One such site, JD Underground, is a list ostensibly devoted to lawyers, although further details were not available. It has carried a particularly venomous thread, entitled [5] “Nigger President,” that has stretched from January into this month.

“I’m hoping someone will do his public duty of putting a bullet through Obama’s head,” said a poster identified as “Kill Da Nigga.” Another poster suggests “bring[ing] back lynchings” and concludes with a warning: “LOOK OUT NIGGER. THE KLAN IS GETTING BIGGER!!!!!!” And a third, using the screen name “amerikkkan,” says only, “The deep south is making plans.”


Law enforcement should be on the hatemongers like a ton of bricks - instead the Secret Service is relaxing security at Obama events because too many people are showing up?


Ivory Bill Woodpecker said...

White Southerners have controlled this country before, and then have been confronted with the hard fact that they could not control it any longer.

That happened in 1860.

History records that they did not take that political defeat like good sports. :(

Ivory Bill Woodpecker said...

The Secret Service is RELAXING security? WTF?

capt said...

Fort Worth Paper: Secret Service Ordered End to Gun Checks at Obama Rally

I cannot imagine this ?

Ivory Bill Woodpecker said...

I know Hanlon's Razor says we should never assume malice if stupidity will explain the situation adequately, but I can't help but wonder if a fix has been put in somewhere.

The motley crew of buccaneers currently infesting our government may fear even a DLC Democratic president--and the resulting increased probability of prosecution--so much that I wouldn't put it past them to be arranging for a "lone racist nut" to assassinate Obama, so as to eliminate the Democrats' strongest contender. Of course, the "lone racist nut" would then be "shot trying to escape" or would "hang himself in his cell".

I miss the days before this Assministration when I could cheerfully dismiss such speculations as paranoid claptrap.

This tinfoil hat CHAFES, dammit!

Alas, in the age of Sock Puppet President Bush and Real President Cheney, if you're not paranoid, you haven't been paying attention. :(

capt said...

It might even be worse.

The Secret Service (SS) uses BHO's popularity as the reason for lax security. They wanted to fill the seats and they never expected so many supporters.

Both are likely true and correct.

What if 5,000 or so were still in line being checked when BHO started to speak?

The issue is maddening.