Saturday, February 9, 2008

Ron Paul Likely to Drop Out of '08 Race, Will Not Run as Third Party Candidate

Another sad day. Pretty soon we'll only have McCain.

In an email to supporters last night, the New York Times notes Rep. Ron Paul conceded that his chance to win the Republican presidential nomination are "nearly zero."

But despite raising tens of millions of dollars, Paul "clearly stated that he will not run as a third-party candidate. Right now, his priorities are serving the residents in his Texas congressional district and winning re-election."


There is nothing wrong with the movement, people getting together. They have some interesting ideas out of the conventional mainstream - I think they picked the wrong guy. It will be interesting if the movement holds together.

It will be sad if the movement just dies - that'd mean it was all about Ron Paul and not about the principles, values and the rest.

I never supported him but if I had I'd be pissed. He knew all about the racists crap published in his newsletters and that was why he was so surprised at the support he gained from so many people that decided to believe in him.

I can get with some libertarian ideas and ideals (not all). One has to be cautious because libertarianism attracts some of the "beyond the fringe" like the KKK, white-power, gun nuts and surprisingly quite a few xenophobes.

Now the Paulites really need to take stock. Are they just Paulites or are they really patriots and do they support the GOP?

"A good politician is quite as unthinkable as an honest burglar. "
~ H. L. Mencken (1880 - 1956)


Mookie said...

Ron Paul did attract a strange crowd. I think it was his initial opposition to the war that brought the more dreamy, starry-eyed folks to him. Lots of college students who would otherwise have had nothing to do with a racist libertarian. The biggest problem with Ron Paul, at least to me, was the unquestioning nature of his followers. To them, RP could do no wrong, any and all bad things said against him, legitimate or not, were just fabrications by the media. If you have an opinion against him, you are labeled an enemy of freedom, in league with Bush and his elite control freaks.

It saddens me also that so much attention and money was given to Ron Paul, even for his wrong-headed and scary ideas, over the much more sensible DK, who at least has the cojones to introduce impeachment.

Ah well, thanks for digging up that dirt on Ron Paul. In my mind, it puts Ron Paul, and hopefully some of his antecedents (Rand, Rothbard, etc) so far out of the realm of human decency that only a hater (KKK, xenophobes, etc) could possibly make sense of and abide by their anti-human drivel.

capt said...

Thanks -back at cha!

Gerald said...

Ron Paul's message was convoluted and difficult to follow.

capt said...

More "difficult to swallow" for me. Other than getting out of Iraq . . .

capt said...

"Paul's latest entry on his Web site also included a request that supporters not neglect his other "priority," which is making sure that the 10-term congressman remains in office.

"If I were to lose the primary for my congressional seat, all our opponents would react with glee, and pretend it was a rejection of our ideas," Paul wrote. "I cannot and will not let that happen."


Just another politician desperate to retain his little fiefdom.

RP has made a fool of his most sincere supporters.

Ivory Bill Woodpecker said...

I am no Paulite; I plan to vote for HRC or Obama in November [which one I will be offered remains to be seen]. However, I would love it if Paul ran as an independent/Libertarian candidate, because I think he would suck away many votes from the Elephascist candidate and very few from the Democratic candidate. :)

capt said...

Sadly, I think the little kooky snake-oil salesman has shown his true colors and the blind fealty some have for him is just blind.

He was never going to break double digits nationally and so was never a candidate of substance.

The Paultards had hoped his campaign would influence the other GOP candidate and so the party to get out of Iraq.

Ron Paul has shown his impotence within his chosen party.

GOP is GOP and the GOP is the problem not the solution.

Running for president as a GOP candidate was a joke to begin with - some sincere people didn't get it.

Maybe now they can return to reality. If they truly believe the occupation of Iraq is wrong they will not vote for McCain - nor throw their voice away writing in Paul - they might as well write in Mickey Mouse.

Ivory Bill Woodpecker said...

Write in Mickey Mouse? I thought we already HAD Mickey Mouse in the White House?

Oh, no, wait--we've got Goofy! ;)

Ivory Bill Woodpecker said...

And Captain Hook as veep!

capt said...

too funny!

Well Researched Journalism said...

Just curious, but when was this dropping out supposed to happen?
Did this most-insightful of authors have any sort of time-frame?
Months after the publication of the article?

L.A.Times - 2/21: "10-term Republican congressman has just vowed to continue his current campaign for the Republican presidential nomination."

capt said...

He's staying in to win!


While his pals in the KKK, Stornfront and thw whitepower movement make death threats?

A class act all the way!

well researched journalism said...

A REAL class act would be a guy who tries to tie Ron Paul to anoymous death threats being made against someone.

You're stretching so far for this one I can hear your ligaments snapping 2000 miles away.

Still, I guess any diversionary attack on Ron Paul is preferable to admitting both you and your source material were wrong in passing off your wishful thinking as fact.

Should have expected it.

capt said...

No, I didn't take $500 from Don Black the guy from Stormfront and then refuse to disassociate myself from the hate group - if that bugs ya, go tell Ron Paul?

capt said...

Still looking for the double digits nationally.

3% just isn't enough to worry about - or am I missing something?

Well Researched Journalism said...

Only off by about 1/3 of a year, but at least Now you can claim to have been Right!
Ron Paul Ends Presidential Campaign on June 12, 2008

WONDERFUL insight!!

Reminds me of the old Dana Carvey / Tom Brokaw skit Carvey=Brokaw, or Mel Gibson's "Conspiracy Theory" character I was RIGHT!! (..what was I right about?..).
Predict everything under the sun, and somewhere, somehow, you'll be Right about Something.

So.., what about the 2012 presidential race?
Any "Ex Cathedra" proclamations on that one?

Anonymous said...

Of course, I just posted anothers article but it was correct and you heard it here first! WOO HOO!

And what about that March?


Well Researched Journalism said...

Of course, I just posted anothers article...

That's why we call it "Well Researched Journalism", 'stead of calling it lazy wishful thinking!

Anonymous said...

I was right, if that matters.

Anonymous said...

Now where did that big Ron Paul march go?

Oh yeah, I predicted that would never happen and it never did happen. . .

Nobody cares about the little kook from Texas - Mr. 3% can't do anything except act crazy.


Well Researched Journalism said...

My Prediction:
John McCain will be the next president.

Barack Obama will be the next president.

I made my own prediction, rather than copying someone else's.

I'm right.

Wait half a year and see.

Care to dispute me? :^)