Sunday, January 28, 2007

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Saladin said...

Thanks Capt! I was wondering why this post wasn't cooperating!

Peace Train Images of Tehran you will never see on TV

This is what the Lunatic Israeli and US neocons are ready to nuke. Please look at these photos, they are beautiful.

RicK said...

The Democrats in the House could make a case right now for impeachment on any number of things, including rendition for torture, Jose Padilla, etc., but politics (right or wrong) is in the way at this point. And it's still the politics of the Republicans, not the Democrats. We need more Rep. citizens to convince more Rep. Senators because it will take 2/3 of the Senate to remove the President when impeached by the House. Dems screaming at them across the aisle won't change their mind.

Sorta on topic, I just ordered Elizabeth de la Vega's new book US v. Bush. Sal, you linked to her book, back around November, I think. She and I occasionally correspond and she asked me to pass the word that she'll be in Ann Arbor on Wednesday at Shaman Drum, if anyone is interested.

RicK said...
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capt said...

Excellent pictures.

I bet some of the knuckleheads think the Iranians live in caves and tents and herd camels and goats.

The Iranians are people - not so different from any people anywhere.

If the Iranians are bombed and or nuked by the sitting president here or in Israel it will be our fault - all of us.

We have to do whatever it takes to stop the SOB in the WH and his bossman Darth Cheney.


Saladin said...

Oh yeh, make sure the sound is on.

Saladin said...

Rick, she was on the What Really Happened show on GNN with Mike Rivero the other day! Did you see the Jim Webb article I posted last thread? The full text can be seen at FMNN.

RicK said...

I liked the article and that he carries. I've long felt that gun control was a losing issue for the Democrats in many states.

de la Vega was also on Colbert Report a while back.

capt said...

I, for one, think taking impeachment off the table sounds just like taking guns off the table.

Not smart, not fair, not legal, not just, and not right.



Saladin said...

As Iran’s Nuke Program Stands in Shambles, Neocons Press Onward with Shock and Awe Campaign

Kurt Nimmo
Sunday, January 28, 2007

As it turns out, it does not matter if Iran “stands-down” from its attempt to enrich uranium, a suggestion made by Mohamed El Baradei, head of the IAEA, while in attendance at the elitist confab in Davos, Switzerland.

It doesn’t matter because “Iran’s efforts to produce highly enriched uranium … are in chaos and the country is still years from mastering the required technology,” according to Guardian. “Iran’s uranium enrichment program has been plagued by constant technical problems, lack of access to outside technology and knowhow, and a failure to master the complex production-engineering processes involved,” writes Peter Beaumont, citing “a number of Western diplomats and technical experts close to the Iranian program.”

Of course, the revelations will not stop the neocons and the Israelis from attacking the Muslim nation, as the reason for the attack has nothing to do with nukes or any possible threat Iran may or may not pose to Israel. It’s all about taking out the next “rogue nation” on the “axis of evil” roster, a laundry list of mass destruction plotted out years ago, well before Bush stumbled into office, thanks to Supreme Court appointment.

Naturally, the Guardian revelations will find their way to memory hole in short order and the Iran demonization effort, gleefully pimped by the corporate media, will continue in earnest, just as it did in 2002, as the neocons prepared to kill 650,000 Iraqis.

Iraq, after more than a decade of debilitating sanctions, claiming the lives of more than a million Iraqis, 500,000 of them children, was no more a threat to the United States than Guinea-Bissau. Saddam Hussein’s stab at Arab nationalism, and the moderate successes of Ba’ath socialism in regard to health care and education, was considered a threat to Israel, however, as Israel likes its Arab neighbors enfeebled, poverty-stricken, ruled by greedy despots, and wracked by sectarian divisions, this would not be allowed to stand.

Ditto Iran. According to Israel and the neocons, Iran is simply too proud—the primary reason it will not admit its problems with uranium enrichment—and although the country has many a problem, not least of all the alienation of young people from an austere Islamic leadership, it irks Israel that Iran’s influence is growing in the neighborhood among traditionally downtrodden Shia Muslims, kicked around once too often by arrogant Sunni Muslims, from the Gulf emirates to Lebanon and beyond. Israel hankers to knock Iran down a few notches, even by way of “tactical” nukes, if need be.

“Iran has never once moved beyond its borders in an act of aggression since the organization of the UN and widespread acceptance of the UN Charter as fundamental international law,” write Edward S. Herman and David Peterson.

This, of course, has not prevented Henry Kissinger from describing the “Iranian combination of imperialism and fundamentalist ideology” as a threat to the “region on which the energy supplies of the industrial democracies depend,” a threat for which the counterweight of “American forces are indispensable.” Nor has Iran’s non-aggressive history prevented a wide array of commentators from repeating the views expressed by the Director of National Intelligence in testimony before the Senate on January 11, when he warned of the “shadow” that Iran now casts across the Middle East; by Defense Secretary Robert Gates, who warned of an “emboldened and strengthened Iran;” or by George Bush, who, in his two major speeches in January, warned of an Iran “emboldened in its pursuit of nuclear weapons” (January 10), a new axis emerging “out of chaos in Iraq,…an emboldened enemy with new safe havens, new recruits, new resources, and an even greater determination to harm America” (January 23).

Indeed, Iran experienced aggression directly from the United States and Britain—and its client at the time, Iraq under Saddam Hussein—historical facts ignored by the United Nations, even though the 1953 CIA sponsored coup and Iraq’s invasion were blatant violations of the United Nations charter, essentially a worthless bit of paper to be used when and if the United States deems it necessary.

“The United States and Israel have both engaged in numerous cross-border invasions and occupations in violation of the UN Charter, most recently the United States (and Britain) attacking and occupying Iraq, and Israel bombing and invading Lebanon. The UN Security Council not only failed to do anything punitive in the face of these open violations of the UN Charter, it actually ratified the U.S. occupation,” Herman and Peterson note.

Like any well-trained domestic pet, the United Nations barks only upon command.

“Iran has not threatened to attack the United States—which it couldn’t do anyway, any more than Iraq could have attacked this country in 2003—and it has not threatened to attack Israel, although Iran has promised to retaliate for an attack against its territory, and President Ahmadinejad has made hostile remarks about Israel and expressed the wish that Israel would disappear as an apartheid state,” Herman and Peterson continue. “As noted, his statement was misrepresented by the Western media as part of the demonization process, the media also failing across the board to note the limits of Ahmadinejad’s power in Iran, and the reasons why any offensive effort by Iran against Israel would be suicidal.”

For the average person, all of this should really be a no-brainer—the idea Iran would nuke Israel, thus inviting an overwhelming response, effectively translating into suicide, makes absolutely no sense—but then, of course, Fox News, CNN, the entire corporate alphabet news media, do not deal in sanity or logic, and have apparently brainwashed millions of people, spectators and navel-gazers, who respond to complex issues with guttural simplicity, grunting in unison that Iran and the “Islamics” should be nuked, demanding their country and civilization, going back to at least 3200 BCE, be reduced to a glass parking lot, a response predicated on a series of neocon lies so transparent as to be ludicrous.

Thus Caspar Willard Weinberger, Jr., son of the late Caspar Weinberger, the Iran-Contra criminal responsible for selling weapons to Iran, indicted but pardoned by Bush Senior, tells us the “United States finally seems to be getting serious about Iran’s increasingly hostile and aggressive tendencies regarding its nuclear program and its apparent wish to dominate the whole Mideast theater.”

According to the junior Weinberger, diplomacy is for wimps and, thankfully, “we now finally seem to be responding to Ahmadinejad’s Iran in the only language he and his cronies really understand: brute strength,” that is to say the United States will brutally shock and awe Iranian grandmothers and infants, and that’ll teach ‘em to mess with us, that is to say Israel.

Never mind Iran is unable to manufacture nukes and its “hostile and aggressive tendencies” are, by and large, the manufacture of hateful neocons.

Ahmadinejad never declared Israel must be “wiped off the map,” as I have insisted here for months, and Paul Joseph Watson most recently documented.

“According to numerous different translations, Ahmadinejad never used the word ‘map,’ instead his statement was in the context of time and applied to the Zionist regime occupying Jerusalem. Ahmadinejad was expressing his future hope that the Zionist regime in Israel would fall, not that Iran was going to physically annex the country and its population,” writes Watson.

But never mind.

Bush’s neocons will get their attack, probably before June and the onset of summer, and the rest of us will get to endure World War Four, a cataclysmic event so far undefined but guaranteed to be touch each of us personally.

If the American people allow the neocons to get away with it, as they more or less allowed them to get away with invading Iraq and killing hundreds of thousands of people, then, indeed, this is a nation that will ultimately deserve its fate, as the German people, after Hitler and his minions checked out, deserved their fate for not standing up and saying enough is enough and we’re not going to take anymore.
Nukem anyway!

capt said...


"it will take 2/3 of the Senate to remove the President"

Check the numbers - the 2/3's means only 12-15 GOP senators if the Dem's can hold together?

Do you really think anybody needs to yell anything?

That seems a gross over-simplification of the process. Not to mention as you posted they could be doing the necessary investigation right now. With or without the 12-15?

It is never going to happen when some people just want everybody else to not talk about it? (speaking of Corn not you)

Bush and president Cheney have proven they are not capable of making a single good decision - especially on the big issues of war and peace.

We speak of the very real dangers of Busheney starting a very real war in Iran, North Korea or parts unknown.

Investigate, collect the evidence and if it leads to "something" off the table then what?


capt said...

Gun control like the choice issue is a device used by the neocons to compel otherwise thinking people to vote against their own self-interest.

So not so much a losing proposition for the Democratic party as a losing proposition for the whole country. If the dumbocratics would see that we would all be better off.

God, guns and gays. Hate is the issue and the GOP is built on hate and rife hatemongers - it serves their petty purpose.


RicK said...

What I wrote is of course a simplification of the issue, and maybe, or maybe not, oversimplified, but right now, the Dems have 50 votes in the Senate and removal will take 17 Republican votes. What's the count up to now? Zero? Only 17 more to go.

For the opposite extreme (to oversimplification), read some of these law professors at Some must get paid by the word.

One prof, Sandy Levinson, argues against impeachment, but states that "we are ill-served by our present Constitution" and that "this might be the perfect time to hold a serious national conversation about whether we should have an alternative to the cumbersome impeachment process to remove an incompetent President."

capt said...


"What's the count up to now? Zero?"

Has there been a count even among the D's? Can you link me to it? It is not a zero just an unknown.

Further, the senate is a seated jury and taking a count before the trial seems a bit silly.

If we could get Bunnypants and his minion to follow the constitution impeachment would not be an issue. They will not follow the constitution as written so why rewrite the darn thing?

They have violated the law.

They have broken many laws.

Should any person that has violated the law be excused from prosecution under the "current" law just because the process is cumbersome, complicated or the eventual outcome unknown?

I am not saying impeachment articles should be drawn up willy-nilly. There are some very well documented laws that have been ignored, violated and broken.

The issue that is of most concern to me is the privacy and property of citizens and the transparency of government in dealing with citizens.

As long as these slugs are in power we risk another war, more illegal wiretaps, more secrecy, and more crimes against the constitution.

The current maladministration has abused their power and insist they will continue to do so. We have an AG that thinks Bush can write or unwrite any law.

The WH has expressed in advance their intention to ignore any subpoena as they do not recognize any authority over them and so dismiss any possible penalty. They are clearly working outside of the law. Should that matter?

Investigations should be a process without a predetermined outcome - impeachment or not charges sustained or not.

To take impeachment or any penalty "off the table" is to render any true investigation meaningless.



RicK said...

Decisions to prosecute must take into account the practical realities involved with proceeding, including likelihood of success, in order to plan a strategy to achieve the best results. I also don't agree that "[t]o take impeachment or any penalty "off the table" is to render any true investigation meaningless." I don't think that conclusion necessarily follows.

Coincidentally, Elizabeth de la Vega has a post up today at firedoglake in which she states: "What strikes me about those days [she spent in college in the Sixties) is just how much time had to elapse and how much information had to come out before the public became finally — and utterly — disgusted with President Richard Milhous Nixon."

That's what I'm saying now.

Gerald said...

Here Is Our Future

Dear Posters:

I am going to share with you our future. You can believe or disbelieve our future.

We are a nation of hypocrites. Americans are very fickle people. Americans are also selfish, into immediate gratification, with short memories, the world centers around them and no one else matters.

America faces serious problems. We have psychos in the White House, Congress, and the Supreme Court. Corporations rule the world and the MSM is irresponsible in doing their work. Religions sides with money and they are involved in politics. Talk show hosts unleash incessant hatred and lies and the majority of Americans will believe what is given to them. The monetary gap will only widen between the classes and the middle class will diminish to the point of borderline poverty. Medicare and Social Security will be eliminated by the ruling class. More and more Americans will be without health care. As Americans die, they will be placed in communal graves. We are people consumed by corruption, decadence, and greed. Our soldiers are only cannon fodder to be used as pawns and ninety percent of Americans are mushrooms. We are kept in the dark and fed crap.

Our country will be involved in endless wars where we are glorified by torture, war crimes, and murders. We face huge economic deficits that will cause great instability among the people. We have a population deficit and so hundreds of millions of immigrants will come into our country to fight our wars, work for cheap labor, and become part of the enslavement of our citizens. Americans also have an attention deficit disorder. Americans are confused by what is right and by what is wrong. We think that we can change the world and the people in the world by force. It is our way and no other way because we claim to know what is best for everyone. We also possess an insatiable appetite for all of the natural resources in the world. If it means that we must kill large human populations to control these natural resources, then we must kill them. As more pollution takes hold in our world, water will be a precious natural resource that will be necessary for life. Americans have to pay a great price for their water as will most of the world population.

I see a banana republic for our people with a despotic ruler in control over our enslaved people. I also see tremendous pain and suffering for you and me. We are a damned nation to continuously reside in hell.



Gerald said...

Salsdin, thank you for those beautiful pictures!!! Beautiful people in a beautiful country!!! They are our brothers and sisters in God.

Saladin that is why America will nuke Iran!!! America craves death destruction, and genocide in the Middle East that is our foreign policy in one word-"HATRED" FOR THE MUSLIMS AND THE ARABS.

I truly believe that God will punish Nazi America for her evil ways!!!!!

We are a nation and a people that will eternally reside in hell under a despotic ruler!!!!!!!!!!

Gerald said...

Praying Each Day: January 28

Gerald said...

On Eagle's Wings

On Eagle's Wings is a hymn song at requiem masses as the people depart from the Church.

I dedicate the hymn to the people of Iran who are about to be nuke by the devil incarnate nation -The United States of America!!!!!!!!!!

capt said...


"I don't think that conclusion necessarily follows"

If impeachment is taken off the table what would be the penalty if an investigation exposes high crimes and even felonies?

Just curious.


Gerald said...

For the Iranian people: Please accept an apology from an American! Nazi America has numbered your days! I cannot prevent the slaughter and horror that will soon infold in country with nuclear bombs and missiles! All I can say as on American that I consider you my brothers and sisters in God and may God lift you up On Eagle's Wings and welcome you into His Kingdom of Heaven!

May God have mercy on the souls of Americans for this barbaric and dastardly act!!!!!

Again, let me thank Saladin for those beautiful pictures of Iran!!!!!

Iran and Nazi America will never be the same!!!!!

Gerald said...

Taking impeachment off the table is a chickenshit and cowardly act!!!!!

capt said...

Poll: Approval Ratings Compared

Bush's Low Job Approval Is Far Below Some Two-Term Predecessors

Bush's low job approval is far below that of some of his two-term predecessors at this point in their second terms. In November 1985, President Reagan had a 65 percent approval rating, and Bill Clinton's job approval in November 1997 was 57 percent. Bush's rating is higher than Richard Nixon's was at the same point in his administration.


*****end of clip*****

Only Nixon polls lower and the numbers are the inverse of what they were when Clinton was impeached.

The people have caught on.


David B. Benson said...

Please take the time tomorrow to call the offices of your representative and senators to express your view on Iraq.

It is National Call-in Day...

capt said...

"including likelihood of success"

Yes, but every prosecutor goes in with an unknown jury - in this case we already know half could be a given and of the jury of 50 more than half should be a given.

How many prosecutors have that advantage?

Back to the 17 of fifty.

We cannot hold an investigation because you are assuming all of the Republicans will vote as a block.

That is not a proven assumption. The way the GOPhers running for office in 2006 ran from this WH - there is ample reason to believe there are a few that will do the same if a fair investigation is conducted.

But again, and I digress, why even have an investigation without a penalty? If impeachment is off the table what will come from an investigation and if there is no real possibility of impeachment (because it is off the table) why should any GOPher cooperate or support a fair investigation?

Let the investigation proceed without any prejudice or expected conclusion. If articles of impeachment are called for then dare 17 of the GOP senators not to vote for it and shame their sorry asses out of office in the next election.


Gerald said...

From our Church’s newsletter ---

Hymns for Highway Speeders

45 mph-----God Will Take Care of You

65 mph-----Nearer My God to Thee

85 mph-----This World Is Not My Home

95 mph-----Lord, I’m Coming Home

100 mph----Precious Memories

Carey said...

Things are bristling over here! For my two cents, and that's all, just two cents, I'm not excited by impeachment. Investigation yes! Capt. Absolutely. We have so much to clean up, however. It's become abundantly clear to most of the public that Bush/Cheney are acting illegally. Karma is well on its way for this administration.

Some of you might have already seen this below. I felt it important enough to post on both blogs.

Nuclear Plans in Chaos as Iran Leader Flounders

Boasts of a nuclear programme are just propaganda, say insiders, but the PR could be enough to provoke Israel into war.

capt said...

Why We Must Have Impeachment

There are important reasons why this president must be impeached and they include those very urgent issues that people are afraid will be shunted aside by an impeachment battle.

The key reason this president must be impeached is that his offenses against the Constitution and the nation are so serious that the very survival of Constitutional government and the separation of powers on which it is based are at risk.

Let’s take the war in Iraq. The president clearly lied and tricked both the Congress and the American people into allowing him to invade that country. He and Vice President Dick Cheney carefully cherry-picked half-truths and known falsehoods to lay out as "evidence" that Saddam Hussein was developing nuclear weapons and that he was in league with Osama bin Laden. His White House orchestrated a campaign to damage the reputation of an honest critic, ambassador Joseph Wilson, who had discovered that a key piece of that "evidence" --some alleged documents from the country of Niger--had been forged, and even "outed" Wilson’s CIA-agent wife. These lies have led directly to the pointless deaths of nearly 3100 American men and women in uniform and to the deaths of perhaps hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi men, women and children. Bush also illegally pulled American troops and equipment out of Afghanistan, right at the height of a Congressionally authorized campaign to capture or kill bin Laden and his Al Qaeda organization (fatally crippling that effort), and sent them to the border of Iraq in preparation for his war there.

If this president is allowed to do such things, unchallenged and unpunished, we can expect subsequent presidents to do so in the future. Indeed, many experts and members of Congress believe that Bush is getting close to repeating this criminal behavior himself, this time with an unprovoked attack on Iran. Clearly, in order to stop such abuse of presidential authority and such a second national and international disaster, Congress will have to impeach the president.

Then there’s the so-called "signing statements." These are the letters--not mentioned anywhere in the Constitution--which Bush and his crony attorneys in the White House and Justice Department claim allow him to invalidate all or part of any bill passed by the Congress. Bush has used signing statements to do this over 1200 times during his presidency, for everything from refusing to accept a Congressional ban on torture to giving himself the power, in clear violation of federal law, to monitor first- class mail.

Once again, if this president is not impeached for this outrageous assertion of presidential absolute power, all future presidents will feel free to do the same thing, simply ignoring acts of Congress. The Constitution is crystal clear on this matter: Article I says "All legislative powers granted herein shall be vested in Congress of the United States," and Article II says the president "shall take care that the laws be faithfully executed." Note that the Constitution does not say that "some" legislative powers or "most" legislative powers are vested in the Congress. It says "all." Nor does it say that the president shall execute "some" of the laws. For Congress to let this blatant abuse of power to go unpunished would be to leave future Congresses as little more than vestigial debating societies.


*****end of clip*****

The lies and crimes are too obvious and blatant to give a pass on impeachment. Pelosi and others (D & R) should be supporting a complete investigation and if it ends up with articles of impeachment - then so be it.


capt said...


Two questions you have not addressed?

Investigate, collect the evidence and if it leads to "something" off the table then what?

If impeachment is taken off the table what would be the penalty if an investigation exposes high crimes and even felonies?


Gerald said...

I cannot prevent the horror that will soon UNFOLD in YOUR country!!!

Impeachment is necessary, win or lose, because we need to let people know of Hitler Bush's lunatic actions, behaviors, and deeds.

Gerald said...

You never know how a vote will turn out. Let the trial go to the Senate and let us see how the vote goes. To vote against impeachment would be that the Senators accept treasonous acts from the president. That vote will be on record until the Final Judgment Day!!!

Impeachment is good for the cleansing of a nation's soul!!!

Gerald said...

Some typo corrections are necessary!

For the Iranian people: Please accept an apology from an American! Nazi America has numbered your days! I cannot prevent the slaughter and horror that will soon Unfold in YOUR country with nuclear bombs and missiles! All I can say as onE American that I consider you my brothers and sisters in God and may God lift you up On Eagle's Wings and welcome you into His Kingdom of Heaven!

RicK said...

I addressed those questions at the beginning of the discussion, but here are my responses in a nutshell: they will change their mind at the appropriate time (or they will probably be voted out).

My point is this: the demands for impeachment and removal need to be addressed to the Republicans in the Senate. If and when removal becomes a viable option, the House can impeach at a moment's notice; it only takes a majority and the Democrats control the House.

A criminal jury and a trial in the Senate are two entirely different animals. One big difference is the jury. I don't equate trying a case in front of 6 (or 12) citizens selected pursuant to the rules of criminal procedure with trying Articles of Impeachment in front of the Senate with its 100 politicians aligned by party. I don't think the answer is that easy.

I don't give a damn about impeachment; that's just a charging document. I want removal and I prefer the tactics that are most likely to accomplish that goal. I think filing Articles of Impeachment at this point would be counter-productive for many practical and procedural reasons.

In short, it is premature to be demanding impeachment from the House. The passion and the effort needs to be addressed to the votes we need, not the ones we already have.

Gerald said...

Nazi America fuels more civil war in Iraq

Gerald said...

US Air Force bases ready to attack Iran

Gerald said...

Nazi America gathers more countries into her evil and sinful ways.

In Central Europe, the Czech Republic and Poland have also found themselves in the Pentagon's strategic focus. Last week, Mirek Topolanek, the Czech prime minister, and the country's national security council agreed to the siting of a US anti-missile radar defence system at Nepolisy. Poland has also agreed to having a US anti-missile missile base and interceptor aircraft stationed in the country.

Russia, however, does not see the chain of new US bases on its doorstep as a "defensive ring". Russia's defence chief has branded the planned US anti-missile missile sites on Czech and Polish soil as "an open threat to Russia".

Sergey Ivanov, Russia's defence minister,spoke more circumspectly while emphasizing Moscow's concern. He said: "Russia is no worried. Its strategic nuclear forces can assure in any circumstance its safety. Since neither Tehran, nor Pyongyang possess intercontinental missiles capable of threatening the USA, from whom is this new missile shield supposed to protect the West? All it actually amounts to is that Prague and Warsaw want to demonstrate their loyalty to Washington."

Bush's Iran attack plan has brought into sharp focus the possible costs to Central and Eastern Europe of being "pillars of Pax Americana".


capt said...

Inside Dick Cheney's Brain (Satire)

The topic below was originally posted in my blog, the Intrepid Liberal Journal.

I feel like Count Vitte who served the insipid Czar Nicholas II in the final years of Russia's monarchy. A stupid boy sovereign who believed he was annointed by God. His subjects, the ungrateful peasants and proletarians lost their stomach for a noble war.

Karl Rove is Rasputin. No way am I protecting the boy's "turd blossom" when I testify in Scooter's trial. Why should my guy hang for that faggot? At least my daughter is honest about who she is. And then there's that closet fairy Ken Mehlman lecturing the party about ethics on his way out the RNC's door. I'd like to take that hypocritical faggot on a hunting trip at my ranch.

Condi Rice is a waste of skin. Another token black with high approval ratings who forgets her place too much. Making Rummy ride shotgun to that woman in the Mideast during the Israeli-Lebanon war! Well, at least she doesn't have a doctrine and medals to flaunt like Collin did. She's a Nubian dilettante. Maybe I should unleash another subtle leak in the press about how Condi was shopping for shoes in New York while her people drowned in New Orleans.

Poppy's mad at me. He should be mad at Collin who's trying to salvage his precious reputation whenever he talks about the war. It was Collin, Baker and Scowcroft who didn't want to go to Baghdad in 1991 and we hung the Shiite's out to dry. That's why we had to go back and get it right. Hell, Poppy would've won in '92 if he'd only listened to me back then.

Everything is going fine but defeatists surround us! Most of Iraq is pacified. So some Arabs are fighting and dying in Baghdad? Who cares? The right strong man will emerge eventually and we'll have our bases and the oil will flow. And when that happens we'll call it democracy. It'll be like the good ole days when the Shah ruled in Iran with Savak.

Goddamn, every time a few soldiers die in an explosion the media has to hype it and make it a human-interest story. Some perspective please! Most Americans are not being asked to sacrifice for the war so why the unpatriotic criticism? Why can't people just be happy that we're fighting them over there instead of over here? Be a patriot and focus on your own life. Buy, sell and consume and stop asking questions. We know best or I do anyway.

Ah hell, nobody's going to stop us. Let congress pass their stupid resolutions. Let them whine about us not having any authority to go into Iran. They're not going to cut off funding. They're not going to impeach us. They don't have the balls. Pelosi certainly doesn't have balls. And Kerry cried on the Senate floor the other day! Ha! We did miscalculate about James Webb. We'll just have to Swift Boat him. And Hagel too. Murtha's day is done now. Nobody listens to that ethically challenged son of a bitch anymore.

Our boy John McCain is going to take it in 2008. The people are such saps! He'll criticize me to establish his independent bona fides but the fix is in already. We'll even let McCain talk about "benchmarks" for the Iraqi government. But he's on board with our vision of remaking the world. He's actually a heck of a fellow!

Yeah, everything is fine. It's not like the end of the Russian monarchy at all. And I have plenty of money too. Time for another Scotch! Is Fox and Friends on?


*****end of clip*****

Good satire.


capt said...

"it is premature to be demanding impeachment from the House."

I have never said anything except the investigation should be open to the possibility that articles of impeachment need to be drafted.

It is the taking impeachment off
the table
that is premature, the counting of senators before the articles that is premature.

That is all I am saying.

Pelosi or anybody else cannot "take off the table" anything before an investigation.


David B. Benson said...

Capt --- It seems we need a new ice cream flavor, for the course before "Emmm, peach flambe!"

Sleuth special?

capt said...

"My father was a slave and my people died to build this country, and I'm going to stay right here and have a part of it, just like you. And no fascist-minded people like you will drive me from it. Is that clear?" : Paul Robeson (1898-1976) - from testimony before the House Un-American Activities Committee, June 12, 1956

"The history of mankind is a history of the subjugation and exploitation of a great majority of people by an elite few by what has been appropriately termed the 'ruling class'. The ruling class has many manifestations. It can take the form of a religious orthodoxy, a monarchy, a dictatorship of the proletariat, outright fascism, or, in the case of the United States, corporate statism. In each instance the ruling class relies on academics, scholars and 'experts' to legitimize and provide moral authority for its hegemony over the masses." : Ed Crane

Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power: Benito Mussolini

"The liberty of a democracy is not safe if the people tolerate the growth of private power to a point where it comes stronger than their democratic state itself. That, in its essence, is fascism - ownership of government by an individual, by a group," : Franklin D. Roosevelt quotes

Fascism is capitalism plus murder." : Upton Sinclair


Read this newsletter online

Thanks ICH Newsletter!

Saladin said...

Gerald, you are so welcome. I have sent that website to everyone I can think of who might even remotely care. These are people, with hopes, dreams and aspirations, as well as faults and problems, just like us. They are a culture of ancient knowledge to which we owe much credit. This cannot happen, we have to stop it, whatever it takes.
Mr. Benson, count me in.
I don't care what it takes to slow this countdown to hell, investigations, impeachment proceedings, marching en masse on DC, ANYTHING to prevent the destruction of anymore population centers. ANYTHING!! Whoever has not looked at those photos, please do so, and pass them around. These are people like us, with babies and grandparents, uncles, aunts, sisters, brothers. My God, we HAVE to stop this. I am sick with worry. What makes people so evil? Mr. Corn, you think this should be allowed to continue because impeachment is a lost cause? You REALLY think that?

David B. Benson said...

When I was very young, my mther took me to a Paul Robeson concert. I still remember "Arise, you who no longer would be bond slaves", the song of the early CCP.

David B. Benson said...

"Arise, you who refuse to be bond slaves!"

It was about 64 years ago...

Anonymous said...

My husband was very fortunate to see Paul Robeson perform at Stratford on Avon when his passport "privileges" had been restored after being swiped from him by the HUAC. His performance -- Othello -- is still a vivid memory to Bill.

Robeson was a man. Not a saint. In death, he is loved or vilified. It's much like today. Divided. You're wrong. I'm right. Some see him as an icon of the 20th century; others see him as too supportive of the Soviet Union. He lived through dramatic changes that were established by revolution in Russia, while lynching and segregation continued in the United States.

What a voice! In more ways than one.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Rick. (In case you didn't know already.)

Anonymous said...

Just a little aside here...but it's indicative of how things change. So her career in politics was never on the table -- and then one day, it was on the table. She said impeachment was not on the table -- well.....maybe one day (with the right circumstances), it will be on the table...

From an interview with Lesly Stahl:

Paul Pelosi says that for years, a career in politics was the farthest thing from his wife's mind. "It wasn't even on the table. It wasn't even part of the discussion," he says. "Nothing in her personality – it was never going to happen."

Gerald said...

Saladin, I have an email address for one my sister-in-laws and her husband. I sent her your pictures.

Gerald said...

Saladin, I forgot to mention that my sister-in-law and her husband are Nazis.

Gerald said...

Crossing the Line

Gerald said...

The main job of the corporate media with regard to war-related reporting is to decontaminate stories such as these so that their explosive political potential can be neutralized. These stories will normally only be reported if it is somehow forced into public attention by an individual act of courage, as in the case of Haditha or Abu Ghraib. If there is an accidental spill of this kind, the news media acts as clean-up crew to reverse its potential effects by recontextualizing it, often by emphasizing minor legalistic issues so as to obscure the major thrust. The same applies to stories such as the Libby trial, which will be formatted as much as possible toward its entertainment possibilities, while serious issues will invariably be reduced to legal quibbles so as to divert the thrust of moral outrage into a dry dispute.

As Christians, we should begin our penance in reparation for these crimes as soon as we hear about them.

Gerald said...

An Army of Principles

Gerald said...

"Kings will always use their kingly weapons. To use force is bred in them. They want to command, but those who have to obey commands do not want guns: and these are in a majority throughout the world. They have to learn either body-force or soul-force. Where they learn the former, both the rulers and the ruled become like so many mad men; but where they learn soul-force, the commands of the rulers do not go beyond the point of their swords, for true men disregard unjust commands."

The last word goes to Chanan Suarez Diaz, a Navy corpsman who was deployed to Iraq in September 2005: "So they keep a lot of news about combat refusals or resistance internal, so people don’t hear about it. Because they know if word got out, this kind of behavior will spread like wildfire within the ranks."

Give all the support you can to these troops by ending the violence that lives in our hearts and hands, that a rebellion of love may infect the Christian world.

Gerald said...


Saladin said...

I wonder if swinestein said the same thing? Once they realize how lucrative politics are, why go back? pelosi and swinestien are war profiteers and traitors, they should get the boot at the very least. But NO, the people keep bringing them back, and then wonder why things never improve. Between arnie and those two you might as well get used to the shit happens factor. Hand over your guns, though we won't hand over ours, and just TRUST US!! We LUUUUUVVVV YOU.

Gerald said...

Pictures of Iran Before Bush

Gerald said...

Pictures of Iraq After Bush

This fate awaits Iran between now and April 30, 2007.

Gerald said...

3,080 Dead American Soldiers

Gerald said...

Parents Beware

We have more and more predators trying to snatch our children.

Gerald said...

Perhaps some disabled soldiers who now realize that they gave their limbs in vain should sue the U.S. military under the Americans with Disabilities Act for the right to be a recruiter. I wonder what employing handicapped soldiers would do for enlistment quotas?

Protect your children and the children of everyone you know: Warn them about child predators – and especially those in uniform.

RicK said...


Then you and I are not in disagreement, other than the use (and ultimate meaning) of the phrase "take off the table."

capt said...

Pelosi: NO Impeachment

I am just going by the exact words that Pelosi has spoken. He words are not just "off the table" - her words are unequivocal and do not comport with some other definition.

At least that is the what I get.

See if you can find some wiggle room from Madame Speaker by definition or inference. I just don't see it.


capt said...


Of course we are all in a weak position if we go by anything (promise or otherwise) that comes from a politicians words.

It might be a clear an indication that she (Pelosi) IS pursuing impeachment if she says "no to impeachment".

As all politicians are willing to say what they feel they must, do the absolute minimum to retain their power and seat, then reward themselves for the trouble.

(some exceptions but . . )


capt said...


Report: Ahmadinejad tried to buy yellowcake from Niger

Doomsday Clock running fast, say concerned scientists

Petraeus confirmed as scapegoat

Kerry 'only joking' about not running

Al Jazeera schedules eight bin Laden specials during sweeps

Cheney accidentally shoots Wolf Blitzer

Subpoena servers see '07 bonanza

Pentagon: U.S. can lose two wars simultaneously

Lowbrow-highbrow gap nearly closed

NASA: Mars has circus-like atmosphere

Velcro-Teflon merger questioned

Fox: Obama was 20th hijacker

Jack Sprat told to eat less fat

X-rated magician accused of dirty tricks


We live in some very Ironic Times, eh?


capt said...

John McCain vs. John McCain

The Bush versus Bush from Comedy Central is better but this 2.5 minute video lays bare the (not-so) "Straight Talk Express" as just more BS.


RicK said...

From Greenwald today:

"The view of America as advocated by George Bush and his followers is as antithetical as can be even to the views of the individuals to whom they claim allegiance. They exploit historical events and iconic individuals as tawdry props, and they neither understand them nor actually care about their meaning. They turn them into cheap cartoons -- Churchill! Lincoln! America! -- drained of their actual substance and converted into impoverished, degraded symbols used to promote ideas that are the exact opposite of what they actually embody.

"Churchill accomplished exactly that which Bush cannot manage -- namely, he convinced his country that the war he was leading was legitimate and necessary and that confidence in his war leadership was warranted. It's precisely because Bush is incapable of achieving that that he and his followers are now insisting that democratic debate itself over the Leader and the war is illegitimate and unpatriotic. One can call that many things. "Churchillian" isn't one of them. Nor, for that matter, is "American.""

Link here:

capt said...

The Feingold Option

How to end the war

In any case, however, the real reason Democrats are allowing this president to play out his Napoleon complex using American troops as pawns has nothing to do with Reid's lame explanation, and is, instead, due in large part (albeit not exclusively) to what Wesley Clark points to as the decisive influence of "New York money."

The presidential contest looms large on the political horizon, and the War Party's enormous financial resources are crucial to the Democrats' electoral success. To take one example: Haim Saban, the Israeli-American billionaire who funded the Saban Center for Middle East Studies at Brookings – which played such a key role in buttressing liberal hawks in the run-up to war – is the single largest donor to Democratic politicians, disgorging a whopping $13 million to political candidates (although President Bush came in for his share of Saban's largess). Speaking of the Democratic Party, the Huffington Post – which has, not surprisingly, become a glorified bulletin board for the Democratic National Committee – is also the recipient of Saban's generosity, where he no doubt contributes more than merely his (and his wife's) bromidic posts. In 2002, Kenneth Pollack, the director of research at the Saban Center, published his enormously influential book, The Threatening Storm, which retailed the neocons' dubious "intelligence" describing Saddam's WMD to Democratic hawks. Professors John J. Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt, in their pathbreaking Harvard University study of the Israel lobby, describe the pro-war Saban as an "ardent Zionist."


*****end of clip*****

Another good piece from Justin.


capt said...

Henry Rollins: A Love Letter To Ann Coulter


And a re-post from days gone by:

I F**cked Ann Coulter

Tee hee!


Saladin said...

Capt, as we know from the photos of Iran, they are in possession of CELL PHONES!! And, we also know what Muslims with CELL PHONES are capable of, even if they DO live in a cave! So it is imperative that we nip that problem in the bud ASAP!
And in regard to the comment at DWF made in reference to Israel ALSO having regular people and lovely places, one small difference, no one is preparing to drop nuclear bunker busters on the Dimona nuclear facility, are they?

kathleen said...

The march in D.C. was incredible! The weather was beautiful, and the crowd was as diverse as the marches of Oct 2002, and Feb of 2003 before the invasion. Seniors in wheelchairs, families pushing strollers (many of the strollers had signs on them), teachers, students, construction workers, plumbers, professors, etc. etc.

I asked many people what percentage of the crowd was over 50? i heard over and over that most believed that 50% of the crowd was over 50. Just as I believe it was before the invasion. We know that Middle America marched before and after the invasion. The MSM is beginning to show the world who has been marching on the streets both before and after the invasion. If the MSM had done their jobs before the invasion, those at home who had questions about the invasion would have been empowered by seeing that hundreds of thousands (millions accumulatively) of people just like them were against the invasion.

Here are what some of the signs that the people carried said:

Draft the Bush twins...Cut all war funding...Stop torture....Iraq was better off under Saddam...Are we safer yet?...Defund war Refund Peace...Impeach that bloody lying idiot....Support the Troops....Congress stand up to Bush...Peace with Iran....Sure of Tears...Take a bite our of crime, Impeach Bush and Cheney...IN your guts, you know they're nuts...Impeach the Bush gang...If your protecting the world why isn't the world with you...What would Barney do...Enlistment is low Jenna and Barbara must go....War leaves every child behind...Laura how could you sleep with him....End the war... Who would Jesus surge?....Stop the Crusade...No more oil wars...End Ziionist wars....ARms are for hugging....Mission not Accomplished...Hey Bush can't you see all these people disagree...and many many more.

My personal favorites were....a poster that showed Bush and Cheney behind bars with the words HOMELAND SECURITY acorss the poster.

Another favorite were two young women who stood in the same spot for hours. saying "SEND BUSH HUNTING WITH CHENEY" I watched these two yound women for quite some time. People were laughing as they went by and heard what they were saying.

I walked from the very front to the back video taping and asking folks questions. Talked with quite a few Republicans. Folks are pissed, sad, confused, disheartened, and some are pumped up! Many were staying to lobby their representatives on Monday.

This march was a picture of Middle America trying to use the system appropriately...THE OBVIOUS QUESTION ....IS ANYONE LISTENING?

I will be out of the loop for awhile, work and family commitments. Thank you corn folks I have come to depend on your committed examples of active citizenship!

capt said...


YOU shame us all with you activism!

Thanks for going and representing us all.

Maybe we can get an upload of some of your video?

The kudos are all yours.

Thanks again.


kathleen said...

I should also mention the sign that was carried by more people than any other was.


Here is a letter one man had written on his sign.

Dear President Bush.

This war was built on lies.
This war is destroying our bravest.
This war is bankrupting our nation.
This war ia making the world hate us!
This war is writing your name in history as the worst President ever!

We beg you to stop!

Signed: The majority of the American people and American soldiers

kathleen said...

I am turning the video which I have done with all of the videos I have taped at the marches over to our local access station. I will mention the idea of putting it on the web. ( I am by no means competent at video taping)

Robert S. said...

On Saturday, standing in the rain in Los Angeles, listening to Ron Kovics, Cindy Sheehan, Tom Morello, Michelle Shocked...

...and hearing the echoes from Washington, D.C. and S.F. and Sacremento...

...and the Reverberations from the past, when the people decided that enough was enough in Viet Nam and the politicians dragged on for many long years, spending our treasure and the lifeblood of our troops; when it is a mistake all have died in vain - and it is our responsibility as citizens to end it...

...I question, Mr. Corn, if impeachment is not the answer, were YOU marching to end this travesty?

What exactly, besides belittling those of us taking the stand, are you doing to end this madness? It is one thing to point to the faults of the current maladministration, but if you erect roadblocks to the change, "your old world is rapidly changin', please get out of the new one if you won't lend your hand."

Mr. Corn, I agree with Sanford Levinson that our Constitution is a document with many flaws, the Senate giving equal voice to the States without regard to population is one such example. However, with its flaws, it is probably a much better than any document which could be cobbled together today under our current system of Corporate Media Control and financial pressures. I doubt we would end up with the any semblance of the Bill of Rights.

Robert S. said...

OOps, "probably a much better document than any that could be cobbled together today." Or "probably much better than any document that..."

capt said...

New Thread!

Saladin said...

"Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms [of government] to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them to absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security."
Kathleen, I'm so sorry I couldn't go. But judging from your report maybe the people are reaching the stage described above?
Robert, Mr. Corn HAS written two books! Does that count?

kathleen said...

Capt that Feingold piece by Justin was interesting! Justin is one of my heroes!

Feingold is the real deal! He is really consistent! I am always impressed by almost everything he says and does!

When Saban speaks Democrats like Congresswoman Jane Harman and many others listen!