Friday, November 30, 2007

Andrew Card Throws Karl Rove Under The Bus On Morning Joe

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Republican Joe Scarborough is quickly turning Morning Joe into Fox & Friends Lite, (minus Mika, of course) but his interview with former White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card this morning was worth a look and will be sure to raise a few eyebrows.

Joe asks Card about Karl Rove’s ridiculous claim that the Democrats pushed the White House into voting on the resolution to use force in Iraq during a recent interview with Charlie Rose, and his answer took everyone by surprise, bringing big laughs from the MJ crew…and me. Even Card couldn’t keep a straight face.

Scarborough: “We have to start with something that we all were talking about a couple days ago where Karl Rove went on Charlie Rose and he blamed the Democrats for pushing him and the president into war. Is that how it worked?”

Card: ” Uh… [laughter] that is not the way it worked. [snip]

Karl is very smart, sometimes his brain gets ahead of his mouth - and sometimes his mouth gets ahead of his brain.”


Carey said...

Man! I just saw the clip of Andy-baby on my DVR, came here and saw that you'd caught the same thing.

My goodness, is there a little bad blood between the two? My, my.

David B. Benson said...

I would rather he had the power to throw Rove in jail!